Butternut Ridge Cemetery

Butternut Ridge Cemetery
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Monday, February 22, 2016

Work on the Thompson House this Coming Saturday March 5

The Saturday March 5th they will be working on the roof of the second story.  The roof is 28 foot long and will be cut in half then cut along the roof line. it will be in four 14 foot panels and loaded on 2 trailers. the 2 end peaks will cut just above the floor line and placed on the floor of the house. This way the house will fit under the wires with out moving them. The house will be ready to move, to the Frostville Campus about the second last or last week of March. 

Last weekend they will be removing the 20th century additions from the back of the house these sections will not be going to Frostville. The only parts that are historic are the two story section, added about 1850, and the lower section to the east that is the original home, ca 1828/30. 

The roof-line walls and floor, of the old house, will be separated from the from the rest of the house and will be prepped to be moved. The chimney will be removed, Just a short note now there will be pictures taken of the work and some will be posted here. The second floor will be stripped to it's framing. For removal of the roof. Stairs are very narrow. The Ceiling is not very high and the sloped at the sides.

The part built in about 1830                             The original and two story addition about 1855

These parts will be removed from the back:

Remove back from the original part                                       Remove up to the two story part

The house is ready to prep for removal

As soon as I get them I will post the work pictures. and here they are

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