Butternut Ridge Cemetery

Butternut Ridge Cemetery
Butternut Ridge Cemetery First Burial 1821

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another Mayflower interred in Butternut Ridge Cemetery

       To follow up on my first Mayflower post about Cynthia Fitch Adams, this one is on Priscilla Sears Thompson. The Thompsons lived on Butternut Ridge Road. We have already posted about them. Now we will trace Priscilla Sears or Sares as it was sometimes listed. I had traced her back to Plymouth already I just needed some additional background on the family. It was off to Fairview Park branch of CCPL. They have an awesome collection of New England and Mayflower/Plymouth Colony Research books. Plus research materials on everything else pertaining to Genealogical/Historical research. The staff there is very helpful. 

     Now to the rest of the story. Priscilla was born on 31 September 1771 in Rochester  MA , the oldest daughter of William and Betsey Wood Sears.  Betsey was the second wife of William and bore him three of his seven children 
Priscilla died on the 11th of February 1859 and is buried in Butternut Ridge Cemetery

William Sears was born in Rochester  MA on the 14th of January 1726 second of the seven children of Paul Jr. and Charity Whittredge Sears. William first married Patience Parker in 1753 they had four children She died in 1768. He then married Betsey Wood in 1770. William died in Windham VT in about 1790.  Paul Sears Jr. was born on the 21st of September 1695 in Yarmouth  MA second of the twelve children of Paul and Mercy Freeman Sears. He married Charity in 1721 in Yarmouth. Paul Jr. died in Rochester  MA in 1770. We will now follow the lineage of Mercy Freeman.

Mercy Freeman was born in Eastham MA on the 30th of October 1655. Mercy was the oldest of the ten children of Deacon Thomas and Rebecca Sparrow Freeman. Mercy married Paul Sears in 1693 She died in 1747 in Brewster  MA. Deacon Thomas was the first Deacon of the church in Harwich  MA  He was very involved in Plymouth government. Thomas was the oldest of nine children born to Major John and Mercy Prence Freeman Thomas was born on the 16th of September 1653 in Eastham MA. Thomas married Rebecca in 1673 Thomas died in 1715 in Eastham MA We will now follow Mercy Prence.

Mercy Prence was born in Plymouth MA in 1631 the third of four children of Gov. Thomas and Patience Brewster Pence. Mercy and Maj. John were married in Eastham MA in 1649. They had eleven children. Mercy died in 1711 in Eastham MA 

Patience Brewster was a daughter of Elder William and Mary Wentworth Brewster Elder Brewster was the religious leader of the Plymouth Colonies. He arrived on the first Mayflower landing