Butternut Ridge Cemetery

Butternut Ridge Cemetery
Butternut Ridge Cemetery First Burial 1821

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Adams Family Mayflower Connection

The John Adams Family Mayflower Connection

Excerpts from a story that was published in 1878 in the Grindstone Advertiser:  

The John Adams family left Waterbury Connecticut in the late fall of 1810 to move to Ohio
“The members consisted of John Adams Sr. his wife Cynthia (Fitch) Adams and their 6 children. Lucius, John Jr., Horace F., Ransom, George and Hannah (Daughter of John Adams first wife) . The family was in two wagons Father, Mother and the 5 Sons were in one wagon and Hannah and her cousin Marshal Bronson were in another. They got to Buffalo in early December and stayed for a couple of days due to a snow storm.  The road through the woods was blocked so they took the more hazardous beach route they had to make a passage around a very dangerous prominence and the wagons had to enter the lake to get around it. They lost the wagon and all the goods in the wagon that Marshal was driving.  Hannah also died in this accident. “

The rest of the family made it and settled on the Olmsted area. John Adams was a Revolutionary war veteran. But we knew very little about his wife.   

A couple of weeks ago we were doing some work in the Fairview Library. The Genealogy Specialist brought me a folder she had received. She said I probably be interested in the information in it. The Information was originally sent to the Olmsted Falls Library who later turned it over to Fairview as it is the Genealogical research library. A cover letter said it came from Priscilla Adams Wood in Chula Vista, CA. Pricilla is the Granddaughter of Charles Adams of Olmsted Falls. He was the Great-grandson of  John Adams Sr. 

The Paragraph that caught my eye was this one:
“I would also like to note that Cynthia (Fitch) Adams is my Mayflower ancestor. She and husband John Adams are buried in Butternut Ridge Cemetery.  Her family goes to Alice (Bradford) Adams Fitch, Daughter of William Bradford. I hope that will help someone looking for their Mayflower connection.”

She included a Pedigree chart:

Cynthia Fitch 1763 – 1819 (2) Ebenezer Fitch 1724/1725 – 1773  (3) Ebenezer Fitch 1689/1690 – 1724 (4) Major James Fitch 1649 – 1727  M Anne Bradford Adams 1687
We checked the Bradford book in the Mayflower decedents registry. And verified her entries.  

We have 2 other families that have Mayflower connections they are Elias Paddock and his descendants are a direct line to Elder William Brewster.   Priscilla (Sears) Thompson and her Descendants also are a direct line to Elder William Brewster