Butternut Ridge Cemetery

Butternut Ridge Cemetery
Butternut Ridge Cemetery First Burial 1821

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Historic House moved with High Tech Eqpt

First It started with building the cribs under the under the I beams. In the first house moves they used hydraulic cylinders with a hand pump to lift the house. A Crib is cross stacked 6X6 hard wood beams. The cylinders are mounted in the stack and as the reach the top pf the stroke they add more timbers and reset the cylinder to go up higher. If you had to do this with hand pumped cylinders it takes a lot of time. The first picture is of the remote hydraulic controller The second shows the beams that they use in the stack in the background is a crib.


The original cabin has a very unusual power unit/ hydraulic control unit. It needs no additional power unit. and operates by a wireless joystick. With both loads they can control the position of the load. Going down Cedar Point they could raise the front up higher if they want. The first picture is of the one piece unit. and the second picture is of the controller.


On the larger load they mount the main hydraulic unit on a special 5th wheel mount that hooks on the I beams and mount wheels on the back. First picture is of the Power unit with the 5th wheel on it. The second one is of the mounting wheel sets 

Ready to go

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thompson House set to move to its home in Frostville

The Thompson House Is all set to be moved to its new home in Frostville Museum. The Foundation has been dug. The move will be Thursday at 7:00 AM. down Butternut Ridge Rd. to Columbia and Down Cedar Point Road. Since we are putting wheels on it and moving it down the road, does that mean it is a historic mobile home?   

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Main Part of the Original High School Comes Down

The first graduating class of ,North Olmsted High School, was in 1931. We have a yearbook in our archives and a class picture on the wall in our Events Barn. We have a collection of yearbooks in the archives along with about Ten of the class pictures that hung on the walls first in the old building and were moved to the new building. When the new building was set on fire some were destroyed and others were water damaged. I graduated in 1958 from the old building. My son and daughter graduated from the new building. My son attended IX High while they repaired the fire damaged school. Both of the school buildings that I went to school in are now gone. I attended Butternut Grade School I had Ms. Pape as my Kindergarten teacher, and Mr Graf for 6th grade. The kindergarten was in the basement next to the boiler room it was always was real warm no problem sleeping at nap time. With Mr. Graf if you got him talking about WWII that was the class for the day. We have a collection of pictures on the removal of Butternut in our archives along with a brick from the 1913 part of the building. 

I will be posting pictures of the removal of the old part of the building. It looks like it will be all down by Sunday. The School Site has a good collection of pictures,  http://www.northolmstedschools.org/